7 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

7 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

National dog week starts September 23rd and lasts through September 29th this year, and you may be wondering what you can do to celebrate your dog. If you’re like us then every week may as well be national dog week, but most holidays remind us to do something a little extra special for the ones we love. Check out some of our dog-centric ideas below!

1.  Check Out Your Local Shelter

All around the globe are dogs in shelters that need love. Look into adoption if you have room for another pup. Can’t take on the responsibility right now? You can just as easily donate money, food and other supplies like blankets and toys. Want to get more hands-on? Volunteer your time at the shelter to help clean, walk, and socialize with the dogs. Some shelters will even allow you to take a dog out for the day for a hike or walk around the park!

2.  Host a Dog Party

Invite over your dog-parent friends and have a tail-waggin’ good time! Not sure what to include? Make some treat bags or some homemade doggie ice cream! You can also set up some fun game spots such as a tug area, fetch area, or even an obstacle course. If it’s still hot where you live, set up a fun sprinkler and a kiddie pool!

3.  Say Hello!

When you see other dog owners out and about, say a quick hello! Pay a compliment to their pup and give a quick pet and a treat, with permission of course!

4.  Spoil Them Like Crazy

Take your dog to the groomer to get primped. Buy them an awesome new toy, their favorite treat, a giant bone to chew, or a new collar. Or how about all of the above?!

5.  Get Outside

Take your pup to the dog park to socialize with their furry friends. Take them on a hike, or for a walk at the park or your favorite dog-friendly beach! You can even take your dog for a fun car ride, roll the windows down and let their tongue wag in the breeze.

6.  Take Their Photo

Spend the day taking pictures of your dog to post on Facebook and Instagram to show your friends and family. If photography or social media isn’t your thing, look into hiring a professional photographer to get creative and take some high-quality shots. You can even create a photo collage or hang one of the portraits in your home.

7.  t’s DIY Time!

It’s always fun to do some arts and crafts at home, or even bake your own healthy treats at home. This paw print wall art is a great idea and would look great in a frame on your desk or wall. And since fall is right around the corner, have some fun with these festive doggie treats!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we know your dog is going to feel the love! Can’t spend as much time as you’d like with your dog? Consider hiring a pet sitter to give your dog some cuddles and play time!



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