7 Tips to Make Taking Your Cat To The Vet Less Stressful

7 Tips to Make Taking Your Cat To The Vet Less Stressful

Taking a cat to the vet is no picnic. Maybe you are lucky and have a cat who is calm at a vet appointment, but most cat owners will tell you that it’s not easy. Hissing, scratching, peeing in their crates, and even hiding before leaving for the vet are all issues cat owners face with vet appointments.

Here are 7 tips for a less stressful vet visit with your cat:

Practice Crating Beforehand
Cats go to the vet in carriers, and putting your cat in a carrier just to go to the vet can be very stressful for them. Leave the carrier out and open for your cat to get used to before the scheduled visit.

Play With Your Cat
Playing with your cat can be a bonding experience for the cat and the cat’s owner. Associating the playtime with leaving for the vet could help your cat’s stress level. Playing will also get out some pent-up energy before the car ride.

Go For a Ride
Cats do not typically ride in cars, so it is not a usual experience for them. Riding in a car once in a great while for a vet checkup can be scary for any pet, but cats seem to dislike it much more than most dogs. Try a few test drives prior to the vet visit to get your cat used to the car and carrier.

Waiting Room Tips
The waiting room can be overstimulating and unsettling for a cat. Make sure the carrier you are using allows for him to stand, turn, and sit with enough room on all sides. Also, as much as you may want to hold your cat in the waiting area, keep him in the carrier! It’s the safest place for him to wait.

Try A Pheromone Spray
Using a topical pheromone spray can help calm your cat at the vet’s office. The spray contains a synthetic scent that cats rub on you when they want to bond. It is worth a try to see if your cat handles the vet better after using the spray.

Seeing The Vet
The vet will understand that your cat will more than likely be very stressed during the appointment. Bringing in a toy or favorite blanket will help calm your cat’s nerves while he or she is being examined.

Keep Things Consistent
Making regular appointments and seeing the same vet each time could help you cat during an appointment. You should feel comfortable around your vet and so should your cat!

Does your cat get stressed at the vet’s office? Try some of the tips we mentioned for a better vet experience for your cat. Karla’s Pet Care is always available for your cat care needs.



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